Jersey fishermen told scallops stocks 'plentiful'

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Most of the scallops in Jersey are dredged or hand dived

A Jersey politician has tried to allay local fishermen's fears over scallop stocks off the Channel Islands.

They are concerned about UK boats who have recently begun to legally trawl for scallops in British waters near the islands.

Local fishermen fear trawling by bigger boats may take away the stocks they would export to France where there is good demand.

But Constable Len Norman said generally stocks have never been better.

The St Clement constable oversees the fishing industry in Jersey.

"In modern history landings have never been better," he told BBC News

"Shellfish are plentiful and wet fish are plentiful in the main."

Mr Norman said about 80% of Jersey's scallops are caught in Jersey's water and 20% in British waters.

He said the issue has come about because UK boats have only recently begun to fish near Jersey's 12-mile limit - something they have the right to do.

Scallops are important to the fishing industry in Jersey. About 90% of the king and queen scallops are dredged or hand dived.

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