Kayakers rescued off Highland coast

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Two kayakers have been rescued off Lochinver after one fell into the water and his female partner lost her paddle.

Stornoway Coastguard helicopter and the Lochinver lifeboat were called out when a yacht reported sighting a red flare.

The crew on board the yacht Checkmate rescued the kayakers before transferring them into the lifeboat.

A Coastguard spokesman praised the yacht crew and the kayakers, who were carrying buoyancy aids, flares and a radio.

Carol Collins, Stornoway Coastguard watch manager, said: "If it weren't for the vigilance of the kayakers in following safety precautions, this could have turned into a very different story.

"The kayakers had personal buoyancy aids, flares and a handheld radio which meant that they were able to quickly send a message that they were in distress."

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