Cat stuck up tree for five days in Barnsley

image captionMillie was chased up the tree by another cat, her owner said

A Barnsley cat owner has said she is "devastated" that her pet has been stuck up a tree for five days.

The fire brigade, RSPCA, and a tree surgeon have all failed to rescue tortoiseshell Millie, who was chased up the tree by another cat.

Fire crews even squirted water at Millie but she simply went higher up the tree, owner Donna Bracken said.

She has now hired scaffolding to be put up in a final bid to save her one-year-old cat.

The tree which Millie is stuck in is surrounded by uneven ground, which has made it difficult for ladders and platforms to be used safely.

Millie is also in the highest branches of the tree.

"I'm devastated," Ms Bracken said.

"Listening to her crying is the worst bit."

She added: "She never goes out of the house as a rule, it's only in the past week that she's left the house.

"I don't think she'll be going out again."

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