Prescott has news for you: He's a quiz show knockout

Image caption, John Prescott is the latest of a long list of politicians to appear on the show

John Prescott has laughed off some gentle mocking over his peerage on the quiz show Have I Got News for You.

Asked about his ennoblement by panellist Ian Hislop, he said he was not Lord Prescott quite yet, adding "so don't kneel now, kneel later".

When it was suggested he should join the pantomime circuit, the former deputy prime minister said he had been "doing it for the last 40 years".

He chaired the BBC One show, broadcast on Thursday, for the first time.

Politicians who have been the butt of jokes after hosting the show in the past include Charles Kennedy and Boris Johnson.

And Lib Dem Lembit Opik appeared on the programme earlier this month shortly after losing his Commons seat.

TV appearances

Mr Prescott, who stood down as an MP at the last election, is one of a handful of former cabinet ministers set to join the House of Lords after being nominated for a peerage.

He has also said he wants to play an active role in Labour's future and is standing to become the party's treasurer.

During his appearance on the show, the former MP was also reminded of one of the most memorable moments of his political career - when he punched a man on the campaign trail in 2001.

Comedian John Bishop, another of the panellists, said he had only been booked to appear on the show "so they could put a Scouser between you two for a bit of balance".

But Mr Hislop replied: "No, you have only been booked to take the first punch."

Mr Prescott has introduced several TV shows in recent years as well as making a cameo appearance in comedy series Gavin and Stacey.

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