Cumbria shootings: Locals speak

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The shootings by taxi driver Derrick Bird have left people in west Cumbria shocked and stunned.

The 52-year-old killed 12 and injured 11 in a number of locations before turning the gun on himself.

Local people have been giving their reactions to the events of Wednesday and talking about how the killings have affected them.

Whitehaven area

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Solicitor Mr Commons was found shot dead in his driveway

The first victim was his twin brother, David Bird, shot at his home at High Trees Farm, Lamplugh.

Solicitor Kevin Commons was then killed on his driveway in the village of Frizington.

Bird then drove into Whitehaven and shot dead taxi driver colleague Darren Rewcastle.

Whitehaven resident Helen Neen, 58 said: It's awful. I still feel frightened.

"It's so sad to think about the families who have been left behind."


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Rachel Nicholas drove past one of the victims

Retired Sellafield worker Kenneth Fishburn was killed in Egremont, as was Susan Hughes.

Rachel Nicholas, 23, who works at a garage at the town, said: "I was really frightened.

"I drove past someone who had been shot and I didn't even realise.

"Everyone here will always remember what happened."


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James and Jenifer Jackson were killed in Wilton

Retired couple James and Jennifer Jackson were shot in the street in Wilton.

Lesley Fowler was first at the scene when Jennifer Jackson was killed, and said that the adrenaline just began to kick in.

The 41-year-old added: "You just don't expect your neighbour to be lying there with gunshot wounds.

"We are all distraught. It's a sleepy little village where you'd never expect a tragedy like this to happen."

Part-time mole catcher Isaac Dixon was shot at the edge of a field in nearby Carleton.


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Celia Walker said the community needed to pull together

The next victim was rugby league player Garry Purdham, who was working in a field in Gosforth.

Celia Walker, 61, who works at the Lakeland Habit Cafe, said: "It's a small community and we knew Garry.

"He was just going about his business and happened to be in the wrong place at the wrong time."

She added: "We can get over this. We are a strong community and we all need to pull together."


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Alan Massey said the victims were all nice people

Three people were killed in Seascale; Michael Pike, Jane Robinson, and Jamie Clark, who was driving through Seascale when Bird opened fire.

Alan Massey, 76 and retired, said: "Why he came here I don't know, it's not on the main road.

"Why did he pick on them? They were all nice families, friendly people."


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Karen Varley said 200 people were locked in the station

Derrick Bird was found dead in Boot, shortly after crashing his car near the River Esk.

Karen Varley, 48, works at the nearby Dalgarth Railway Station.

She said: "The gunman shot at one of our passengers.

"We had 200 people locked in here for three hours. Everybody was great, nobody panicked.

"We all worked together giving out free food and drink. We knew we had to keep everybody safe."