Study examines effect of workplace stress on eating

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The researchers believe stress can influence eating patterns

Researchers are to look at the effect stress in the workplace has on eating disorders.

Scientists at the University of Aberdeen's Rowett Research Institute will also asses how working shifts affects how people eat.

The team will look at whether sweet tastes and rich textures can cause food addiction.

Volunteers will be recruited to help in the research.

Wrong amounts

Prof Julian Mercer, who is leading the study, told BBC Scotland: "What we are trying to do is assess some of the aspects of our feeding behaviour that contribute to the obesity problem.

"Workplace stress can drive people down a route to inappropriate eating."

He said they would assess what was influencing people to eat the wrong foods or the wrong amount of food.

It is part of a European-wide study to find out some reasons why people eat too much and run the risk of obesity.

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