Coastguard warns sailor after double rescue in 24 hours

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The Mumbles lifeboat towed the yacht to safety

Coastguards have reminded sailors to check engines after a yachtsman had to be rescued twice in 24 hours due to electrical problems.

The lone sailor was rescued south of Mumbles on Wednesday after losing engine power.

He was rescued again on Thursday morning with the same problem, off Rhoose Point.

Coastuards said he had no navigation lights, and both his mobile phone and handheld GPS had low battery strength.

The yacht Stravaig contacted Swansea Coastguard on Wednesday saying he had lost all power and was drifting nine miles south of Mumbles Head. The Mumbles RNLI lifeboat was launched to aid the 12-metre yacht and towed her in to Mumbles.

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The rescues happened off the south Wales coast

Almost exactly 24 hours later, Swansea Coastguard received another call from the same yacht, reporting that it had again run out of power.

This time the Barry Dock lifeboat was sent to tow the vessel back in to Barry.

Coastguards said the Barry rescue team would be giving the sailor advice on how to safely continue his journey.

Dave Jones, Swansea Coastguard watch manager, said: "When we give out safety advice to people going out for a trip in a yacht we recommend that people take adequate communications and navigational devices, flares, and check their engines.

"Unfortunately, this man followed none of this advice and set out not once, but twice, knowing that he did not have sufficient power to reach his destination."

He added: "We hope that the yachtsman will consider full equipping and preparing his vessel before he continues his journey in order that we do not have to send [lifeboats] out to his rescue for a third time."

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