Shankill murder victim must have 'funeral without fear'

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Police said the murder of Bobby Moffett was cold-blooded and ruthless

The Progressive Unionist Party - linked to loyalist paramilitaries, the UVF - has called for an end to intimidation on Belfast's Shankill Road.

PUP leader Dawn Purvis said the party supported people's rights to attend Bobby Moffett's funeral without fear.

Ms Purvis was speaking in the run-up to Friday's funeral for Mr Moffett, 43, who was shot last week.

Police said the murder investigation is continuing but none of those arrested remain in custody.

Mr Moffett, believed to be linked to the UVF, was murdered by two masked gunmen.

Tensions have been rising in the area since he was shot on Friday.

Earlier on Wednesday, the DUP MP for north Belfast, Nigel Dodds said people in the Shankill should be allowed to attend Mr Moffett's funeral without fear.

Mr Dodds said people in the Shankill should be able to "come and go", like everywhere else.

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Flowers have been left at the scene of the shooting on the Shankill Road

"People should be free to come to the funeral to express condolences, as a result of his brutal murder and to stand with the family.

"Let us hope there will be people who will all come out and stand together and show their revulsion at this terrible event."

Meanwhile church leaders on the Shankill Road said local politicians need to do more to help the community over the coming days.

Reverend Jim Rea from the Methodist Church said people are looking for leadership.

"I think there was a desire in people for visibility on the road, that's what I think would be helpful.

"Visibility of politicians on this road, standing up in this community and saying; 'This is wrong and we want to move on'."

A 35-year-old man is still in custody in connection with Mr Moffett's killing.