Riding equipment worth £30,000 stolen from Crowan

Image caption, Doors and padlocks were damaged during the theft on Sunday night

More than £30,000 worth of riding equipment has been stolen from stables in West Cornwall.

Thieves broke into Serenity Riding Stables in Crowan, Camborne, overnight on Sunday.

Riding equipment including saddles and rugs were stolen, and doors and CCTV cameras were damaged.

Stable owner Dom Jones said: "I can't believe someone could do this." Anyone with information is urged to contact police.

Mr Jones said: "The doorway to the main stable was cleaved open by crowbars, and they cut off the rest of the padlocks to the other outbuildings.

"The office door appears to have been cut off and paperwork was thrown over the ground, and just vandalised."

Mr Jones also said a CCTV camera had been knocked off the wall and found later in a hedge.

He said: "I can't believe someone would attack something that's got so much of the community behind it."

The police said that the equipment could be sold on the internet or at car-boot sales, but that each piece had a UV marking of 'SS' on it.

Vicky Tregenza who runs the horse and pony club said: "They've pretty much taken everything and the saddles, which were left, were damaged in the process.

"The children are absolutely gutted and it's very difficult to ride without saddles, but we are riding bareback.

"This is someone who doesn't think about what they're doing or care about anything but themselves, this is thoughtless."

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