Fisherman in sea rescue near Bloody Bridge in Newcastle

Image caption, The man was fishing near Newcastle, County Down, when he fell into the sea

A man has been rescued from the sea near Newcastle, County Down, after falling in while fishing.

It is believed the man had been clinging on to the rocks for some time when a passer-by heard him calling for help on Tuesday afternoon.

Rescuers could not reach him from the shore, but he managed to cling on long enough to be picked up in a lifeboat.

After he was taken ashore, a waiting team of paramedics at the harbour brought him to hospital by ambulance.

Alan Pritchard, duty manager of Belfast Coastguard which coordinated the operation, said it had been an "outstanding effort" by his colleagues in Newcastle.

"The man in the water was very close to letting go of the rock, so our coastguard team station officer John Lowry went in with our new water rescue equipment to hold him," he said.

"The casualty was very hypothermic when he came out of the water."