Police in Wales warn of crackdown on summer raves


Police forces in Wales are warning they will crack down on illegal raves held over the summer months.

It comes as 2,500 people descended on a Pembrokeshire village over the bank holiday for a huge outdoor party.

Dyfed-Powys Police arrested 17 people and 10 cars were impounded.

The three other police forces in Wales said such events can range from being a "nuisance" to "dangerous" and they will target the organisers and those attending.

Residents in Dale, near Milford Haven, said some 300 cars descended on the area over the bank holiday, with people travelling from as far afield as Devon, Hampshire and the north east of England.

While the event was peaceful, it was also illegal.

The site was a cliff-edge in the Pembrokeshire Coast National Park.

Rubbish left in bags by those who attended was attacked by seagulls.

Council workers were called in to sweep the area and the total cost to taxpayers will be £3,500.

Six people remained in custody on Tuesday night.

North Wales Police said its area, which includes Snowdonia, had been the target of people planning illegal raves.

The force said it would not tolerate illegal gatherings of large numbers of young people.

Ch Insp Andrew Williams said: "The natural beauty of the north Wales area has, on occasions, led itself to the unfortunate seasonal phenomenon of open air gatherings where loud music is played and which many young people attend.

Image caption,
People at the encampment on Sunday

"Events of this type are illegal unless they are licensed and the organiser has complied with his or her lawful requirements.

"Illegally-held events are a nuisance to the local community and are, through their lack of organisation and regulation, quite frankly dangerous.

"The regulation is there for a purpose and in the main ensures that attendees at an event are kept safe."

He said the police response may include arresting those who attend the events as well as organisers, and seizing music equipment.

Some £100,000 worth of sound equipment was seized at the Pembrokeshire event.

Gwent Police said: "Although we do not want to stop people enjoying themselves we take this very seriously.

'Public safety'

"Illegal raves are anti-social and can cause annoyance in a local community, not to mention risk damaging property and the environment, and endangering wildlife - none of which Gwent Police will tolerate."

South Wales Police said: "These events will be held without being granted a safety certificate. Because of this, there is usually total disregard for public safety, putting those who attend at risk.

"Those who choose to ignore licensing and safety regulations for such events will be dealt with robustly, and may find themselves facing court action and ultimately, imprisonment."

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