Football screens banned over Suffolk police fears


England football matches will not now be screened in a Suffolk park following concerns raised by police.

Plans had been made to show all England's World Cup matches on a large screen in Chantry Park, Ipswich.

But Suffolk Constabulary raised a "number of concerns and requested the games not be shown", a police spokesman said.

The force was worried a combination of alcohol and "intensified emotion" could lead to trouble, he added.

'Significant threat'

Supt David Skevington said: "I am of the firm belief that the showing of each England football match via a big screen in an open air park could have undermined and possibly derailed the good partnership work which has been done to reduce alcohol-related violent crime in the borough.

"I am clear in my own mind that these events can pose a significant threat to community cohesion as they present an increased risk of violence and anti-social behaviour.

"I strongly support events that are for the good of the town.

"However I have listened to concerns and we cannot support these events going ahead."

Local residents had also raised concerns about the screenings, police said.

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