More Knife detectors for Leicester centre


The use of metal detector arches in Leicester city centre is to be stepped up during the summer, police have said.

The portable airport-style devices, which people walk through, are used to detect weapons and other metal objects.

Leicestershire police said the city did not have a major issue with knives but they wanted to be proactive ahead of warmer weather and the World Cup.

The detectors are already used on an occasional basis but will become part of the £140,000 anti-knife crime initiative.

Supt Stuart Prior said: "Larger numbers of people will be coming into the city centre, especially during the World Cup, and we will be using metal detector arches to increase safety and reassure members of the public.

"Leicester does not have a particular problem with knives and we are determined to make sure that it stays that way. Our aim is to make Leicester a city that everyone can enjoy and feel safe in."

The knife crime initiative will also include a programme of education and awareness during the next year.

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