Civil service high earner salaries reported


The Daily Mail describes them as "the penpushers costing taxpayers millions".

The paper is referring to over 170 civil servants who earn more than Prime Minister David Cameron.

The Daily Telegraph says the names, positions and salaries of those public servants earning more than £150,000-a-year were revealed to aid transparency.

It says the details emerged as part of a bid to "open up the corridors of power", while the Guardian reports that the top earner is paid £275,000.

Israel's raid on a flotilla of ships carrying aid to Gaza is referred to as "gunboat diplomacy" in the Independent.

Meanwhile, the Sun headline on the story simply says "bloody disastrous". It said "international fury" had "erupted" as a result of the raid.

The knock-on effect of David Laws' resignation continues to attract attention in the papers.

The Daily Mirror says Nick Clegg's team are "fighting desperately" to stop him quitting as an MP.

The Daily Express reports that some £44m of taxpayers' money is being used each year "to maintain the drug habits of thousands or prisoners".

The paper says the figures show the state pays for one in six of the prison population to get a heroin substitute.

The Daily Telegraph says actors who work at Sydney's Opera House do so at their own peril.

It follows an engineer's report saying there could be "multiple fatalities" from faulty stage equipment.

Last-minute speculation over which players are likely to be included in Fabio Capello's final 23-man World Cup squad dominates the sports pages.

Offering its predictions, the Times says it is easy for England to "cull the not so magnificent Seven".

Aston Villa full back Stephen Warnock may be a "shock inclusion", according to the the Daily Mail.

And, under the headline "can they kick it?", the paper wonders whether Gerrard and Lampard can play side by side.

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