Warning of over-loaded sockets after Wrexham fire

Image caption,
An electrical socket thought to have caused the blaze

North Wales Fire and Rescue Service has warned of the dangers of over-loading electrical sockets after a garage fire in Wrexham.

Crews were called to Dorset Drive, at 0923 BST and used one hose and two breathing apparatus to tackle the blaze.

A thermal imaging camera was also used.

The fire service said over-loaded extension cables had been linked.

Andy Robb, county partnership manager for Wrexham, said: "The fire appears to have been started when the occupant overloaded the electric cables in his garage, linking a number of extension cables together.

"It is extremely important to never overload sockets - stick to one plug per socket."

He added: "It was extremely fortunate that the neighbours noticed the fire and reported to the fire and rescue service.

"Had they not, the fire could have easily spread to the main property, and as cylinders were also stored in the garage we could have been dealing with an extremely serious incident."

He said the fire service offered free safety checks, fire advice and could fit smoke alarms.

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