World Cup: More African Football Shorts


Ahead of the World Cup in Africa, people from across the continent tell the stories of how football impacts on their lives in a new series of African Football Shorts.

MIRIAM BALANG: Street food vendor

Miriam Balang is a food vendor who lives in an area called 17 houses, around 100 metres from Johannesburg's Ellis Park Stadium.

She is frustrated with the local council as they will not allow her to sell food to spectators during the World Cup.

Miriam is usually able to sell food during international sporting events but is now within the FIFA zone where it will be banned.

Video produced by TVE and Rishile Bosele Communications.

MAFARANA GOGOS: The footballing grannies

Mafarana Gogos are the footballing grannies of a remote village in the backwoods of Nkowankowa in Limpopo Province.

Coach Sam Zulu says that many of the team members used to walk with sticks before the team started, but have now thrown them away and can run 200 metres without resting.

Video produced by TVE and Rishile Bosele Communications.

MATSHIDISO: Sex worker

Matshidiso is a sex worker in Pretoria who believes the World Cup will be good for her business.

But the 25-year-old's businesslike attitude belies the fact that she is a vulnerable young woman who desperately wants to leave prostitution and return to her home and family.

Video produced by TVE and Rishile Bosele Communications.

TABITHA WAMBUI: Female referee

Tabitha Wambui is a paid female referee in a male-dominated field.

The 32-year-old referees male soccer matches for Kenya Premier League matches but often has to deal with the belief that "football is a man's game".

"Football means the world to me", she says.

Video produced by TVE and On Screen Productions.

AUSTIN ISHATAYO: Para soccer player

Austin Ishatayo was left unable to walk unaided after a bout of polio as a child.

In 1999 he started playing para soccer, after an encounter with Nigeria's paralympic team. In 2000 he turned professional and plays for TC Terror Para Soccer team.

"No disability is a barrier to anyone", he says.

Video produced by TVE and Communicating for Change.