Scent of a solenodon: On the trail of a living fossil


Scientists are in the Dominican Republic in an attempt to save one of the world's most strange and ancient mammals - the Hispaniolan solenodon.

This creature has been around since the time of the dinosaurs, and is the only mammal that can inject venom through its teeth.

But the solenodon is now under threat - and the researchers want to start finding out how many creatures there are, where they live and in what kinds of habitats in order to begin conservation.

However, to do this, they first need to track them down, which is tricky - at one time, naturalists said you would be more likely to see a ghost than a solenodon.

Here, Dr Joe Nunez-Mino, a member of the Last Survivors team and a researcher with Durrell Wildlife Conservation Trust, reveals how to find signs of the venomous beast.

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