Replicas of Japan PM's colourful shirt go on sale

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The Japanese prime minister is known for sporting colourful attire

Replicas of a brightly coloured shirt worn by Japanese Prime Minister Yukio Hatoyama are being offered for sale by a company based in Shanghai.

The checked shirt is red at the front, with yellow and blue arms and a green collar.

It was described as a fashion blunder when the prime minister wore it at an outdoor gathering last month.

But told the BBC it reflected Mr Hatoyama's free spirit and the courage needed in world leadership.

"What's great about it is Hatoyama is actually wearing it at leisure events," said the company co-founder Peter Crawfurd.

"We really think this is great. It's something he keeps on doing despite being humbled in the press."

The company says it has made 50 shirts, each with a $500 (£345) pricetag.

"It's not an easy task off course, to source the five different fabrics, and put them together," said Mr Crawfurd, adding that more would be made if there was a strong demand.

He said there had already been a lot of interest in the shirt.

The Japanese prime minister is well-known for wearing flamboyant clothes at unofficial events.

But the BBC's Chris Hogg says the most mockery has been reserved for another outfit - a white shirt printed with red hearts which he teamed with a pink blazer.

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