Zero tolerance for sectarian hate


A judge has pledged that NI courts will take a zero tolerance approach to any sectarian hate crime.

Mr Justice McLaughlin made the comment after he refused bail to a man accused of threatening to burn a woman out of her home in Londonderry.

Connor Tracey, 22, of Jefferson Court, is charged with making a threat to destroy property and endanger life.

Belfast High Court heard on Wednesday the woman is a Protestant living in a predominantly Catholic area.

"This was a vulnerable lady living in an area where she was one religion and the vast majority of people were a different religion," said Justice McLaughlin.

"That kind of behaviour will be trampled on by the courts."

Mr Tracey is also accused of assault on police and aggravated assault on a woman during the same alleged incident in the Waterside area last Friday.

He denies the offences and was remanded in custody.

Police are seeking another man with him who allegedly made further threatening remarks.