Piglets taken from man in Essex after slash threat

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A pair of piglets have been rescued from a man threatening to slit their throats in Essex, the RSPCA said.

Pair of rescued pigs
Image caption,
The RSPCA believes the two pigs have been stolen from a litter

The man showed the two-week-old animals to a member of the public in an Asda car park in South Woodham Ferrers before making the threat.

The RSPCA said the member of the public reacted by taking the piglets away from the man. He kept them for a night before calling animal welfare officers.

The organisation said it was thought the piglets might have been stolen.

Inspector Steve Craddock appealed for anyone with piglets to check if any are missing.

Mr Craddock said: "My initial thought was that these piglets must have been stolen as they are too young to have escaped from a smallholding.

"However, I have contacted both the police and Defra and neither have any reports of stolen or missing pigs.

"Someone may have not noticed that a couple of piglets from a litter of about 13 have gone.

"The piglets can't have been away from their mother for long though - less than 72 hours I would say as, at that age, they would probably have died from dehydration if they had been away from their mother for any longer."

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