Keswick School 'to carry on as normal'

By Nick Ravenscroft
BBC North of England correspondent

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The school bus crashed with a car on the A66 near Keswick in Cumbria

It's perhaps understandable that the head teacher should say they'll try to carry on as normal.

In fact some of the pupils at Keswick School have no choice but to sit their English Lit A-level exam as planned.

But those killed or seriously injured in Monday's crash will very likely be known to them personally or are, perhaps, the younger siblings of their own school friends.

Normality it may be on the surface, but underneath it feels very raw.

Everyone in this community has been affected.

The crash happened a mile away from the school and as news filtered back via mobile phone from the crash scene some pupils still at the school ran down the road to see if they could help.

The council has brought in a team of educational psychologists to try to support pupils.

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Head teacher Michael Chapman said everyone would be pulling together

This morning students hugged each other as they arrived for classes - probably as important as any help that a professional could offer just now.

Many of those living near the crash site and who heard the impact had children or grandchildren at the school themselves.

There has been a collective shudder at what's happened - even among those whose friends or family were not directly involved.

Bus travel is part of the normal school day here with pupils coming from surrounding towns and villages.

This bus was heading out towards the coast - a 13-mile run back to homes in the Cockermouth and Whitehaven areas.

Unfortunately, it's not a surprise that an accident has happened here.

It's a well-known black spot with drivers joining the A66 trunk road often underestimating the speed of the traffic travelling on it.

One local told me that there's a major crash on that stretch of road every year, despite the introduction of traffic calming measures.

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