Mystery over 'friendly' otter cub found in Glencoe

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Fyne will be transferred into the care of an otter rescue centre on Skye

An otter cub that ran up to a man as he got out of his car is believed to have been hand-reared, the SSPCA has said.

The six-month-old female cub, nicknamed Fyne, is being cared for at a rescue centre in Fife after being found on the A82 near Glencoe village.

Centre manager Colin Seddon said it was too friendly for a wild animal.

After spotting the otter by the side of the road, the motorist got out of his car to check on it and was surprised when it ran up to him.

The man called the Scottish SPCA and local inspector Dawna Connolly took the cub to a vets before transferring it to the Fife rescue centre.

Mr Seddon said the otter may have been hand-reared after being abandoned, or losing its mother, before being released back into the wild.

He said: "We have no idea how Fyne managed to get where she was found but she's so tame we believe she's been hand-reared.

"In 30 years of caring for wildlife I have only heard of one other hand-reared otter cub being rescued, so this is really rare.

"Fyne is far too friendly for a wild otter and while we shouldn't be able to get anywhere near her she always approaches us."

Mr Seddon added: "The intentions of whoever tried to look after her may have been good, but she wouldn't have survived in the wild had she not been found and rescued.

"What they should have done is contact an organisation with expertise such as the Scottish SPCA."

Fyne will later be transferred to the International Otter Survival Fund (IOSF) on Skye.

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