Midge forecasts for mobile phones

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Trillions of midge larvae are thought to have survived the harsh winter

An iPhone application, or app, has been developed to give forecasts on midges.

Edinburgh-based Advanced Pest Solutions (APS) said the tool rates areas on how high, or low, numbers of the biting insect are.

The Midge App has been created for the Apple iPhone and will be aimed at holiday-makers.

The free service is linked to APS's national midge forecast, which runs during summer months.

It will be launched later this week.

The company's Dr Alison Blackwell said the insect could hatch in large numbers over the next few days following a period of warm weather.

She said: "I have a feeling we may be seeing quite a lot this year. Midges like warm and wet weather."

Freezing temperatures earlier this year were believed to have killed off a "proportion" of Scotland's midge population.

Dr Blackwell said in March that midge larvae spending winter a few centimetres below ground would have been vulnerable to a prolonged cold spell.

But she said most of the trillions of midges in Scotland would have survived.

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