In graphics: Eurozone in crisis - Recession

image showing quaterly growth for the third quarter 2010. UK is 0.8 (in percent), Ireland is -1.2, France is 0.4, Spain is 0 and Greece is -1.1

The eurozone as a whole has emerged from recession, but recovery remains patchy and in some cases, fragile.

Growth rates looked healthy in the second quarter of the year (April to June), with Germany in particular recording a strong bounce-back.

But since then, the pace of recovery has slowed in most major European economies.

Across the 16 nations that have adopted the euro, growth was 0.4% on average between July and September, down from 1% three months earlier.

However, the picture is still gloomy in the Irish Republic and Greece, who have both had to turn to European partners for financial aid, and whose economies are still mired in recession.

The UK, which is not in the eurozone, is shown in grey on the chart for purposes of comparison.

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