In graphics: Eurozone in crisis

image showing GDP rate in third quarter 2010. UK is 1827876 (million euros), Germany 2160881, Greece 183987, Italy 1207876, Spain 774852, France 1598577 and Ireland 137862

In terms of economic size, Germany is the powerhouse of Europe, followed by the UK, France and Italy, while Malta is easily the smallest eurozone economy. The UK is shown in grey on the map because it does not belong to the eurozone, but it is easily the biggest EU economy not to have adopted the euro.

If you look at the eurozone members in terms of GDP per head, a different picture emerges. Luxembourg is far and away the league leader in this ranking. In fact, it is the richest country in the world on this measure, with Bermuda and Norway in second and third place.

The eurozone economy accounts for more than three-quarters of the EU's overall GDP. The EU as a whole vies with the US for the title of the world's biggest economy, with each accounting for about 20% of global GDP.

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