One in 10 'unsure about bank account funds'

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The poll considered how aware people are of their funds

One in 10 people are not very aware how much money is in their main bank account, a survey has suggested.

A greater proportion of those who were not sure were women, the poll of 1,265 people for Co-operative Bank found.

One in three said they were "extremely certain" how much was in their current account.

A proposal for compulsory financial education in schools was dropped ahead of the general election.


The survey found that 6.8% of those asked were "not very certain" how much money was in their most regularly used bank account.

Another 2.2% were "not very certain at all", and another 1.4% had no idea how much was in their account.

Those aged over 55 had the biggest proportion of respondents (40%) who were "extremely certain" how much was in their account.

A quarter of all those asked said they knew to within £10 how much was in their account.

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