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2 October 2014

Sorry, we're no longer updating this site. We've left it here as reference.

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My Science Fiction Life
Thunderbird 1

Science fiction and the family

"When you're a speccy geek kid, it doesn't hurt to have a great character like Brains in the thick of things." paulg1974

Watch Now
Iain M Banks

Author Iain M Banks on why we love catastrophes.

Recommended recollections

A selection of the best recollections on the site picked by you, the users.

"If Niven's aliens were green and had bug-eyes, that was because their environment dictated they HAD to be green with bug-eyes." ronsonlighter on Ringworld

"It made sci fi fun again, without sacrificing any of the drama." charliethebloody on Firefly

"The sudden change from melancholic existential sitcom to colourful, brash sci-fi knockabout in series three came as a surprise, but we were soon won over." johntoon on Red Dwarf

"Ignore the special effects - the tension comes from the interplay from the characters." MossyMermaid on The Stone Tape

The TV show
My Science Fiction Life TV show

My Science Fiction Life on TV

Watch clips from BBC Four's TV programme. Scientists, artists and contributors to this site explain how they've been inspired by science fiction.

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Classic Choice
The War of the Worlds

"Even though it was written well over 100 years ago, the story is timeless. Wells pulls no punches." kzinti on The War of the Worlds

Themes in SF
Scene from the BBC television dramatisation of Nineteen Eighty Four

The Great British Dystopia

Experts explore why British Science Fiction says tomorrow's world will be a horrible place...

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Your recollections...
2001: A Space Odyssey

Big Screen Memories

From 2001 to Robocop, Star Wars to Zardoz and everything inbetween - readers recall their seminal science fiction moments.

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