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All of the videos on the Seven Ages Of Rock website are available to 'tear off' and embed on your own personal websites, blogs and social networking profile pages like MySpace, Facebook and Bebo.


The Birth of Rock - Blues-based Rock (1963 - 1970)

  • The Blues

    Keith Richards, Robert Plant and Roger Daltrey on the essence of the Blues.

    Duration: 4 mins

  • Guitarists of the Yardbirds

    Jeff Beck and Jimmy Page on the band that was the launch pad for some of rock's best-known axemen

    Duration: 4 mins

  • When Dylan Went Electric

    Recollections of the infamous moment when Bob plugged in.

    Duration: 3 mins

  • The Break-Up Of Cream

    Ginger Baker and Jack Bruce on the messy implosion of the first super-group.

    Duration: 50 mins

  • Tommy

    Roger Daltrey on the creation of The Who's first rock opera.

    Duration: 3 mins


White Light, White Heat Art Rock (1966 - 1980)

  • Wish You Were Here

    David Gilmour and Roger Waters remember the creation of one of Pink Floyd's most iconic tracks.

    Duration: 2 min 30 sec

  • Shine On You Crazy Diamond

    Pink Floyd tell the story of when, after a seven year absence, Syd appeared at Abbey Road studios.

    Duration: 3 mins

  • Ladytron

    Roxy Music remember the creation of a classic track from their first album.

    Duration: 5 min 30 secs

  • Art Schools

    Pete Jenner, Barry Miles and Charles Shaar Murray on the institutions that were the training ground for many of rock's great artists.

    Duration: 3 min 30 secs

  • Lindsay Kemp On David Bowie

    The eccentric mime artist remembers working with David Bowie.

    Duration: 4 min 30 secs


Blank Generation Punk (1973 - 1980)

  • Talking Heads

    David Byrne recalls the early days of Talking Heads.

    Duration: 5 min 30 secs

  • CBGB's

    Patti Smith, Debbie Harry and Tommy Ramone on the birthplace of New York's punk scene.

    Duration: 3 min 30 secs

  • Anarchy In The UK

    Glen Matlock and John Lydon recall writing one of the most memorable punk anthems.

    Duration: 4 min 30 secs

  • The New York Dolls

    A brief history of the proto-punk band.

    Duration: 4 min 30 secs

  • New Rose

    The Damned tell the story of the first British punk single.

    Duration: 2 mins


Never Say Die Heavy Metal (1970 - 1991)

  • Recording 'Volume 4'

    Black Sabbath reminisce about their hedonistic time in Los Angeles.

    Duration: 3 min 30 secs

  • Living After Midnight

    Members of Judas Priest recall the recording of the classic track.

    Duration: 2 min 30 secs

  • Grunge v Metal

    Musicians and pundits mull over the impact of Grunge on Metal in the early 90's.

    Duration: 3 mins

  • Black Night

    Deep Purple reveal the straight-forward writing process for their most enduring hit.

    Duration: 3 mins

  • Number of the Beast

    Members of Iron Maiden on the making of a classic.

    Duration: 2 min 30 secs

  • Metallica support Ozzy

    James Hetfield and Lars Ulrich tell tales of touring with Ozzy Osbourne on the Master Of Puppets tour.

    Duration: 2 min 30 secs


We Are The Champions Stadium Rock (1965 - 1993)

  • Bruce Springsteen In Concert

    Members of the E Street Band remember playing live with Bruce Springsteen.

    Duration: 3 mins

  • The Police - The Early Days

    Stuart Copeland and Andy Summers on the early days of The Police and the release of their first hit single, Roxanne.

    Duration: 3 min 30 secs

  • Kiss Play Cadillac

    The glam-rockers talk about their visit to Cadillac, Michigan where the entire town painted their faces.

    Duration: 3 min 30 secs

  • Sultans Of Swing

    Mark Knopfler gives an insight into writing the classic, Sultans of Swing.

    Duration: 3 mins

  • Designing for Freddie Mercury

    Designer Zandra Rhodes on creating the stage outfits that help define Freddie Mercury's stage look.

    Duration: 3 mins


Left Of The Dial Alternative Rock (1980 - 1994)

  • The Origins of R.E.M.

    Michael Stipe and Mike Mills remember their first meeting and R.E.M.'s early days.

    Duration: 4 mins

  • R.E.M. - Secrets of the Studio

    Producer Scott Litt and Mike Mills give an insight into the recording process of R.E.M. classics.

    Duration: 4 mins

  • My Hardcore Punk Rock Youth

    Henry Rollins reminisces about his hedonistic days as Black Flag's frontman.

    Duration: 5 min 30 secs

  • Nirvana In Their Own Words

    Dave Grohl and Krist Novoselic remember the early days and talk intimately about their relationship with Kurt Cobain.

    Duration: 5 min 30 secs

  • A Brief History of The Pixies

    Frank Black and Kim Deal on the rise and fall and rise again of the ultimate quiet-loud band.

    Duration: 7 mins

  • Here Comes Your Man

    Frank Black reveals his love of Ray Davis and Kim Deal shows us what inspired her bass line to The Pixies' love song.

    Duration: 3 min 30 secs


What The World Is Waiting For Indie (1980 - 2007)

  • Marr on Morrissey

    Johnny Marr talks intimately about working with Morrissey.

    Duration: 4 mins

  • Suede in their own words

    Brett Anderson and Bernard Butler on the early days of the band.

    Duration: 3 mins

  • Spike Island

    Mani, Noel Gallagher and photographer Ian Tilton on The Stone Rose's legendary gig.

    Duration: 3 min 30 secs

  • Be Here Now

    Noel Gallagher and Bonehead reflect on the bloated extravagance of Oasis' third LP.

    Duration: 4 min 30 secs

  • What Defines Indie?

    Pundits and bands alike try and sum up that what exactly indie means today.

    Duration: 3 mins

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