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Seb Fontaine Perfecto Presents... Seb Fontaine Review

Compilation. Released 2003.  

BBC Review

Seb Fontaine and Perfecto Records have teamed up to bring you an eclectic selection of...

Jack Smith 2003

"I play electronic house music which can be anything from breaks to techy stuff", explains Seb Fontaine, the meat in the Judge Jules/Tim Westwood sandwich, and filling to Radio 1's Saturday night dance schedule. "This album represents my entire sound, starting nice and funky but toughening up at the end."

Nu skool breaks, debauched electro-house and dark sleazy beats may be an apt description, but personally, the mark of a good dance compilation is the gym-effect. By that I mean is it the sort of album you can slap in the Walkman, step on the Treadmill, hit play and lose yourself in the hypnotic rhythm, or does it make the visit even harder than the physical workout? This is the former; only better. Before I knew it I'd run, rowed, cycled and climbed steps, and was still hungry for more such was the driving, yet totally absorbing mix selection.

"I think a good album is one that doesn't age", adds Seb. "You should be able to go back to it after a year and not be sick of all the tracks. With this compilation I hope I've captured that timeless element, rather than just doing a Now-That's-What-I-Call-Dance type cash in."

As to the content, there are many essential tracks. On CD1 there's the Saltpervert's sleazy house "5am Soho" - sounding like the older and naughtier sister of Puretone's "Addicted To Bass". Flatline's monotonous 'n' driving "Are You A Freak?" sits comfortably alongside Powers That Be's street smart update of "Planet Rock" and Matrix's bass-ed out mix of Goldtrix's "It's Love (Trippin)" still sounds every bit as good.

The second disc opens with Agent Sumo's egocentric "The Force", before moving through dark, funky and twisted offerings that take in mixes and productions from Futureshock (their remix of Saint & Sinner's "Pushin Too Hard"), the Sharp Boys pumped up Digi Star alter ego with"Rock", before rounding off with Dibaba's tribal-kissed "Hold You".

A DJ mix album in the conventional live club experience sense of the word there's no clever edits, effects or computer assistance here just a man, a record box and two decks. Enjoyable stuff? Well let me put it this way, for the couch potato I once was, I can't wait to hit that cross-trainer and treadmill again this week!

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