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Pivot O Soundtrack My Heart Review

Album. Released 2008.  

BBC Review

Pivot's music is a fascinating hybrid

Colin Buttimer 2008

Pivot are an Australian trio made up of Dave Miller and brothers Richard and Laurenz Pike. If that last name is in any way familiar, it may well be for his membership of pioneering jazz/electronica trio Triosk (who broke up last year), though it might also be for his contributions to Savath + Savalas and Flanger. O Soundtrack My Heart is Pivot's debut album though it's the result of a lengthy maturation as the band formed back in the late 90s.

October is a fun opener. Subterranean rumblings sound like Giorgio Moroder tunnelling underground while on the surface Super Mario's Princess Peach daintily plays a harp accompanied by Mario on biscuit tin percussion. Next up, In The Blood comes on in film theme mode, nicely chiming with the album title. Said theme is menaced by super-size-me portions of manic, scrabbling guitar and, later on, billowing synths which altogether make for an enjoyably full-blooded experience. The title track follows in similar mode: muscular guitar, pounding drums, sudden left turns and unexpected handclaps.

Ninth track Epsilon begins with contemplative guitar, stick percussion and funny, double speed keyboard effects before hitting its stride three minutes in with a stomping rhythm that gradually accelerates to a racing finale. Those musical left turns mentioned earlier in this review have provoked at least one scribe to invoke the term 'prog'. However the usual qualities associated with that still derided genre are lacking in Pivot's music, which is intuitive and emotionally charged as borne out by titles like Love Like I, Didn't I Furious and closing track My Heart Like Marching Band. Pivot's music is a fascinating hybrid that should appeal to open-minded indie lovers as much as fans of old and new school electronica.

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