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Reno Thinking About The Good Times Review

Album. Released 28 October 2002.  

BBC Review

Reno dispense a beautifully textured, slickly put together and constantly surprising...

David Silverman 2002

At first glance, Reno look like any of a number of acts currently pushing tasteful, if often forgettable beats. So much for first impressions. Phil Burns and Andy Holt change their styles often in this short but sweet package, including a variety of vocalists and a diverse range of instruments. And some of the tracks are even, yknow, real songs.

It's perhaps understandable then, that Thinking About The Good Times is an incredibly sensual half-breed: socially aware acoustic soul set to zero-gravity backing tracks and liquid atmospheres. By the time they've laced their sunshine melody and plaintive ghetto narrative with drunken waltzes "When You're in Love", voodoo rhythms "Still Need Your Love" and space cruising confusion "She Was Flying" they're mesmerising. Just a simple collection of electronic sounds and organic rhythm, and proper tunes seem to be fashionable again.

From the slower tempo house of "No Trouble" (which is deep, quality, and just-so-worth-it) to the lush, barn-sassy country guitar of "Pretty", this guitar-electronic hybrid has a collective spirit that is strong, committed and persuasive and that's more than enough to carry the album off.

Thinking About The Good Times soars and swoops through a genuinely innovative fusion of rock, funk and soul. Its beautifully textured, slickly put together and constantly surprising. There's a real edge to this elegantly produced album and its honeysweet tone just about makes you wanna damn near move to Vegas. Exquisite stuff.

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