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Amon Tobin The Foley Room Review

Album. Released 2007.  

BBC Review

...It is beautiful and it’s just a little bit..weird.

Ben Ashmore 2007

Amon Tobin is a 'tinkerer'; I think that’s the best way to explain this complex musician. Exploring the music that exists around him, deconstructing it and then fusing it together again appear to be his method of music making. Tobin’s new album Foley Room, is an album of deep intricacy that demands attention from the listener but which has hidden within it a great deal of reward.

So, what is a Foley Room I hear you ask? If you’ve ever watched a film and wondered how all the cool sound effects are made then wonder no more because the Foley Room is the place where sound is experimented with, so that sci-fi film can have some cool sound effects. This is what Tobin has done for his new project, though instead of tinkering in some little room he has took his music crafting out into the open. Armed with some microphones he has recorded the mundane sounds of water dripping from a tap and motorbikes starting and cooked them all up into the most intricate and complex of music being made at the moment. Grabbing your Fender and banging out a couple of barre chords this is not! This is Kid A-era Radiohead, music that you are not going to understand on first listen, and to be perfectly honest you’re probably not going to like either. It’s not easy music to listen to.

If you want to listen to easy electronic music go and buy an album by label mates Coldcut, or if you are looking for some music to have playing in the background of your dinner party go and listen to coffee table favourite Moby. This is music to think about, music that will reward you if stuck with, and it will gradually reveal to you more and more of its myriad of musical wonder. Like something by Aphex Twin or Bjork you will want to pat yourself on the back for sticking with this album because it is good, it is beautiful and it’s just a little bit..weird.

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