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Rechenzentrum Directors Cut Review

Album. Released 2003.  

BBC Review

Berlin based multimedia electronica types with their first release on the esteemed...

Olli Siebelt 2003

Long before rave culture was unleashed on an unsuspecting public in 1988, there was a long, healthytradition of merging traditional audio with visuals and vice-versa. From coloured lights to strobes to glow sticks to lasers and laptop slide projection, electronic music has always lent itself well to visual accompaniment.

Rechenzentrum originated as a multimedia unit working across audio, video and film. The Ars Electronica prize-winning Director's Cut is easily their strongest work to date, blending a range of minimalist techno, glitch and industrial influences with a complex and edgy feel not unlike the work of Einoma, Pole, or even (dare we say) some of Nine Inch Nails'more experimental material.

To treat this as just another musical release is only seeing the glass half-full, as it's the DVD where we (literally) see the full potential of this music realized. Rather than just throw some visuals together and sync it to the music, band members Christian Conrad, Lillevän and Marc Weiser have created short films to accompany each audio track. It's a seamless fit.

Grainy 8mm shots of airport runways, computer generated geometric shapes and abstract digital video collages of varying texture and colour complement the thirteen tracks here. Director's Cut is a classy and impressive treat for any fan of inspired avant-garde film, not to mention experimental electronica.

Rechenzentrum have takenimmense care in preparing this 2 disc set, which offers a more satisfying experience with each viewing.A real treat for your senses as well as your sensibilities.

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