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Lady GaGa The Fame Review

Album. Released 2009.  

BBC Review

The catchiness of her songs is sure to cement her place in the list of pop idols.

Talia Kraines 2009

A whole project rather than just a vocalist, Lady GaGa is the determined invention of art school graduate Stefani Germanotta. Blessed with the backing of Akon, a love of synths and 80s pop, and a eye-catching image as well as an obsession with celebrity, her debut album is set to capture the heart of every pop fan as well as establishing the electro-girl revolution that looks set to conquer the close of the decade.

Taking obvious inspiration from Christina Aguilera and name-sharer Gwen Stefani, Lady GaGa lands with the motto that 'pop music will never be low brow' and a sound fuelled by slick productions and urgent beats. Joined by Akon protégée Colby O'Donell, the irresistible Let's Dance has topped charts around the world - but can The Fame live up to such an immediate first hit?

The answer is yes. While the consistent production from the Red One team might not offer up any surprises, it does make you feel like you're listening to a powerful, single filled album. Although the cheeky Boys Boys Boys and awful Uncle John From Jamaica sound-alike Nothing I Can Say might be flirtatious and silly, songs like the strut-tastic Pokerface and expensive Money Honey express her overwhelming desire for celebrity and fortune. The robotic Love Game with its brilliant line ''I want to take a ride on your disco stick'' is brilliant, but utterly cold and leaves us awarding Gaga the yearbook title of 'pop star most likely to kill'. When the mask does slip, it's even more effective, most noticeably in the overwhelmingly heart swelling chorus of Paparrazi.

A Christina Aguilera clone, perhaps, but in these days where we're crying out for our pop stars to have a personality, Gaga's flamboyance and ultimately the catchiness of her songs is sure to cement her place in the list of pop idols.

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