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N*Sync Celebrity Review

Album. Released 24 July 2001.  

BBC Review

It could be argued that N'Sync are under just a little pressure to answer their...

Jacqueline Hodges 2002

With last year's No Strings Attached breaking records and becoming the fastest selling album of all time in the US, it could be argued that N'Sync are under just a little pressure to answer their critics and deliver the goods with the follow up. This second offering starts with the boys on the defensive as Celebrity opens with the r'n'b tinged funk-fest and first single "Pop". In amongst the slick production Mr Timberlake protests "The thing you've got to realise is that what we're doing is not a trend," No sir'ee, N'Sync aren't ready to be written off just yet.

Despite asking the strangest of questions during the title track, "If I didn't have cheese like everyday, would you still wanna be with me?", N'Sync are adamenent they are men not mice. Suspicious to the trappings of fame, N'Sync now, for this album, have ATTITUDE. Although home to the token ballads such as "Gone" and "Selfish", both schmaltzy opportunities for the band to impersonate Michael Jackson, thankfully Celebrity mainly consists of far chunkier grooves than the average boy band album. It combines the smooth R&B vocal harmonies and funky two-step beats of tracks like "The Two Of Us" and "Girlfriend" with more rockin' moments like "See Right Through You". What the album lacks in imagination, it makes up for in well-produced catchy pop. Although not quite as adored over here as they are back home, this album will certainly keep N'Sync on their mantle as one of the biggest bands around at the moment.

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