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Hint Portakabin Fever Review

Album. Released 2003.  

BBC Review

Eleven tracks of pastoral atmospheres and beguiling electronica of simplicity...

Lewis Dene 2003

If you believe press releases then this beautifully chilled, and deconstructed debut album from Hint takes its name from whence it was recorded. Simple really!

Musically though, Jonathan James is far from confined to such a small space. Dragging hip-hop, funk, electronica, folk and soul into his Portakabin to create a soundclash of genres and cacophony of beats. These inspire as well as take inspiration from his surroundings and musical influences that have seen him compared to The Beach Boys-meets-The Beta Band and likes of Lemon Jelly and Penguin Cafe Orchestra.

After initial releases on Deep Water Recordings Hint moved to the Bristol-based Hombré imprint early last year who, via their collaboration with Ninja Tune, released a quartet of EPs over the past twelve months. These are the sounds that comprise Hint's debut opus Portakabin Fever - eleven tracks of pastoral atmospheres and beguiling electronica of simplicity constructed with the barest musical parts and mixed with oodles of talent, melody, heart and soul (and a fair helping of humour too).

Opening with the gentle swing of "Actory", the album ebbs-and-flows through the piano lullaby of "Words To That Effect", to funky single release "You Little Trooper", before shifting down to the hypnotic strings and dub styles of "Re:Percussions". "Plucker" tiptoes along with an offbeat shimmy, before the delightful "Count Your Blessings" brings heralds the closing beats of "Air To Sky".

Still waters run deep, and this eclectic beat merchant clearly has an ear for a tune, founded on intricacies, broken beats and fascinating rhythms.

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