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Luke Vibert Chicago, Detroit, Redruth Review

Album. Released 2007.  

BBC Review

The Cornish maverick keeps it old skool acid, amongst many other things!

Ben Wood 2007

Luke Vibert makes most musicians seem lazy. The good friend and sometime musical sparring partner of the Aphex Twin has recorded 15 albums in a plethora of styles, and under nine different names.

The cheeky title (linking the Cornishman’s hometown with the two birthplaces of dance music) is an indication of the playful sense of humour, and retro tendencies, on display here.

Several tracks on the eclectic CDR are reminiscent of earlier Vibert incarnations. At various points he summons up the spirit of ’87 ("Argument Fly" and "Chicago, Detroit, Redruth"’s acid house); ’93 ("Radio Savalas"’ intelligent techno); ’95 ("Rotting Flesh Bags"’ trip-hop) and even ’76-meets-’96 ("Comfycozy"’s cocktail bar Weather Report-goes-drum’n’bass).

There are plenty of ravey touches (speeded-up vocal samples, synth stabs), stacks of electro and a hell of a lot of acid! In fact, your enjoyment of this album may depend on your tolerance for those famous squelchy Roland 808 and 303 sounds.

Much like Charlton FC’s seasons under Alan Curbishley, the album starts strongly before tailing off somewhat. "Breakbeat Metal Music" hits the dancefloor with speak and spell samples, funky breakbeats and bustling bass; "God" is queasy, tripped-out coma-hop; and "Rotting Flesh Bags"’ wah-wah keys and trippy flute get horizontally funky.

Not every track hits these heights. There’s too much downtempo electro for my liking, and acid extravaganza "Argument Fly" seems to go on forever. But if you’re an acid house granddad who’s not quite ready for the pipe and slippers, this may be just the ticket.

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