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INXS Kick (Deluxe Edition) Review

Album. Released 2004.  

BBC Review

Superfluous second disc notwithstanding, this is a near flawless collection of songs.

Cormac Heron 2004

"New Sensation", "Devil Inside", "Need You Tonight", "Never Tear Us Apart", "Mystify": The Greatest Hits of INXS? No. Well yes, but it's actually called Kick. And what an album!

Celebrating the 25th year of the band's formation, Universal are releasing this 'Deluxe Version' of the album that shot a cultish, Aussie group from student hall murkiness into Stadium Arena superstardom. After the preceding release of Listen Like Thieves there was much anticipation about the band. But nobody expected this!

Opening with a guitar riff that is both Queen and the B-52's, "Guns In The Sky" lets you know this is not an album that can be ignored. Hutchence assures this with his manic yelping. And even if he didn't convince you, there's that unyielding guitar solo...

The album does indeed run like a Greatest Hits collection from 1987 - a time where music was in a world of its own, with Guns 'n' Roses' Appetite For Destruction at one end of the scale and U2's The Joshua Tree at the other with Kick strutting its stuff in the middle.

Famed often as the Jim Morrison of the 80s, the tragedy of Hutchence's death does add a greater intrigue to this album, attaching more mystique to this band of stadium fillers. The production still sounds fresh and the song-writing partnership of Hutchence/Farriss wins you over with an anthemic glory. This is the stuff of legends, with Hutchence's finest moment undoubtably being the soulful track which was played at his own funeral, "Never Tear Us Apart."

Disc 2 is the predictable collection of demos, b-sides, 12-inchers and live outtakes and it runs as awkwardly as you'd expect, although the live tracks and the 12" mix of "New Sensation" make it worth the effort (the 12"...what a great art-form). Superfluous second disc notwithstanding, this is a near flawless collection of songs.

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