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BBC Singers - Pitch Perfect Production

BBC Philharmonic Orchestra and the BBC Singers
Fri 15 June
Leeds Town Hall

Did you attend a Leeds event? Send in your comments below, and check out the photo gallery!


karen boardman
i had a most fantastic evening and would do it all again tomorrow. thank you so much to you all.


Rita from Garforth
Thanks for a fantastic afternoon. Just what I needed to de-stress me! People thought I was crazy when I said I was going on my own but one never feels 'alone' when involved in musical activities such as this. Thanks to everyone who made this possible but especially to Tim who made it so much fun. Pleeeeeze do it again next year.

David Blair-Reid
Playing with the BBC Philharmonic was an experience I will never forget in my life. I was moved by the warm welcome and acceptance of an amateur like myself by such an orchestra. My sincere thanks to all the players, especially the Violists, I had the privilege to play with. However, the whole event would NOT have been such a delightful, happy, moving, stretching day with out the skill, patience, humour, and leadership of Tim Steiner. It was sheer pleasure to watch a true Genius at work. Tim made the day for all of us. I was also very moved and pleasantly shocked when he asked me to stay on for the evening concert. I am still in orbit. I am amazed at the number of talented people in the UK, who ignored the bad weather to come together and make music in the city of music - Leeds. It really showed how people should live together, and Music is the way to peace in this world. Thank you, fellow musicians. Tim, you are a real special person, and I hope the UK recognises your genius. David Blair-Reid.

SB from York
A very good evening, would love to do it again, thanks!

Pat from Huddersfield
It was great! I'm a beginner (oboe), have never played with a group before and I struggled to keep up in places, but thanks to the professionals in the woodwind section, who boosted my confidence, I had an inspirational afternoon. At least I can now say that the first orchestra I ever played with was the fabulous BBC Phil!! A big "thank you" to everyone who was involved in organising it.

Simon Jacques
One word - mind-blowing! - thats two I know...

Mo from Wakefield
A big thank you for the play it again session in Leeds last Friday night. I attended with my daughter and we had a whale of a time. We are particularly grateful to the musicians of the orchestra who were so encouraging, patient, and inspiring. And of course, thanks for the helpful staff and good organisation. Let’s have more sessions like this! Yours, still hoping to improve, Mo.

Sue from Leeds
Many thanks for enabling me to join the chorus for the Play It Again evening event in Leeds. I had a ball! It was really enjoyable and I realised that I had been missing out for such a long time - it was 35 years or so since I had sung in a large chorus. Now I am taking steps to join the Leeds Festival Chorus - hoping to go along to a rehearsal shortly and audition in the autumn. The whole evening was fantastic - the conductor guy who held it all together was great, but above all our chorus leader Jo was brilliant, and the BBC Singers who came to help us were all so approachable. I ended up having a really good chat with the soprano, who encouraged me to get back into singing regularly. So many thanks again, please pass this on to the right people.

Wendy Errington
I travelled all the way from Newcastle to attend the event! In all that rain too, took an extra hour to get there. But worth it! My son and his friend, who are at Leeds uni, attended too. We all thought it was "awesome", as the lads would say. I went out the next day and bought a cd of the music. Fantastic experience and opportunity... a big thank you to everyone.

Anne Cooper
I had a fantastic afternoon. I hadn't played my flute for 30 (ish) years. I had little time to practice but still managed to contribute some sort of noise to the event. It would have been better for someone like me to have had more time but nevertheless it was a fantastic opportunity as I have never played in such a large group before! The orchestra and singers were fab and Tim was fantastic - what a star.More BBC please!!

susan king
A thrilling and totally special experience.My BBC friend, who was a flautist played brilliantly and was an inspiration,and I played my best and enjoyed every minute of is.Please come again to Leeds or anywhere northerly, it doesn't always rain up here and when it does not usually as much as that friday.Please could we have the music in advance inorder to do a bit of prep.

A big thankyou to everyone involved. It was a great way to spend an afternoon. The BBC singers made the learning process good fun. It was great when everything came together for our unique performance. Thanks again.

Sue and LilyCraw
I haven't played my clarinet for 15 years and was cajoled into coming by my 13 year old daughter who plays the flute. We had the best time and I would like to say a huge thank you to all the professionals, particularly the PO lady flautist who looked after Lily and the support staff for whom nothing was too much trouble. We are inspired! Lovely to meet and play with Sarah and Liz too.

Sue and Tom Walker
Thanks to everyone involved for an inspirational evening! we had great fun in the percussion group -especially Tom playing the tam - tam! we'd love to do this again - perhaps have a go at singing or playing something else next time?

Had a great afternoon in the viola section of the BBC Phil! Everyone was really friendly and I was amazed at how it all came together in the end! Thank you - it was worth the long train journey!

Anna Cousins
Thank you so much for an amazing event. I was a bit unsure about going along initially as it's a far cry from how I'd normally be spending a Friday night but I'm so glad I did! I had such an enjoyable time and it really has given me the motivation I need to pick up the violin again on a regular basis. The following day I went out and bought a music book for the first time in 10 years (although I have to admit I didn't sound quite as good without the backing of a professional orchestra but still, practice makes perfect!!). Thanks again to all the organisers and musicians.

Elizabeth from Leeds
Just a note to say how much my husband and I enjoyed the day. It was a marvellous experience, I loved the percussion group and at seventy years of age, got to stand at the front of the stage playing the temple blocks. My husband was equally thrilled to sit beside and play along with the professional trumpet player. The sound of the orchestra was amazing, an absolute joy to hear them play. I felt privileged to participate in the event and would like to thank every one connected with it. I think the BBC should be congratulated for sponsoring live music in this way - it was certainly an excellent use of the licence fee.

thanks for a great experience. I feel inspired to play my violin in a small groupor orchestra if I can find one. It was a truly inspiring event - very emotional for me as I began learning the violin as an adult after being too scared as a child. Despite negative comments such as 'it's too hard an instrument to learn at your age' I have learned fast and enjoyed playing. I feel that my horizons have been braodedned further and I feel more passionately than ever that if people have any incling to learn to play something they should give it a go. It's worth it! Thank you Tim and everyone who made it such a wonderful experience for us.

Thank you for the opportunity to experience singing with an orchestra, something I never would have thought possible. What a way to spend an afternoon! My thanks to all who organised and participated.

What a fantasticly inspiring evening - The Philharmonic's performance made my hair stand on end and Tim is an utter genious - I was on such a high all weekend.

Chris Wright
Wow!! What a wonderfull time. A fantastically uplifting and fun experience. It was great to meet lots of like minded people. I couldn't believe the sound and the power of the orchestra, it's giving me goosebumps again just thinking about it!! It was worth braving the grotty weather to get there, as the sun was definately shining inside the magnificant building of the City Hall. Thanks to all.

Liz Murray
Whow, what a like minded people gathering of voices, music and sounds. An awe inspiring day to lift anyones dampened spirits as we call trudged through the weather with steely determination. Thoroughly enjoyable we all felt like true performers and I have only just come down to earth (gently) since the event. I sang in the choir and it brought back alot of memories from being part of such an ensemble. Thanks BBC, Jo our Choir Leader and all the BBC singers. Shame we did not do our sound impressions though to their By the Seaside rendition as I think Tim would have liked the lighthouse effect! Thanks again to one and all

What an incredible night!! I learnt so much from the other double bass players and haven't stopped smiling since Friday night. Thank you everyone for organising such a fantastic event. Would love to do it again - it's spurred me on to find an orchestra and start playing again. Thanks BBC!!

Steve D
What an experience! After hearing a wonderful performance of Mussorgsky’s Gates of Kiev, it was quite nerve racking to sit amongst these professional musicians and play. However, they soon put us at ease and helped us play to the best of our abilities. It was very motivational and I’ve been practicing hard ever since! Thanks for the opportunity.

Will Townend
Thanks for a fantastic afternoon. Being that close to the orchestra was fantastic. Many thanks again.Will

Alan Ross
Despite the wet weather I had the most fantastic time playing percussion. The enthusiasm of all involved from the BBC Philharmornic and BBC Singers to the amateurs attending was infectious and much laughter was involved throughout the afternoon. Not only was the event fun but I fulfilled another ambition with a J Arthur Rank moment - striking the big Tam Tam (gong to the less knowledgable) in the percussion sections solo ! Thank you BBC!

Mr Michael Higgins
Had a great time playing with the BBCSO they did the BBC proud. Play it Again as kick started my playing of the saxophone. Thanks to you all.Hope you can do it again or at least Play it Again, or maybe release a DVD. Best wishes to you all. Regards Mick Higgins

catherine mcgrath
It was a wonderful opportunity - perhaps a bit overwhelming for our 8 year old son but such amazingly talented people and very well organised - thanks

Maureen L Teasdale
Thank you for a great afternoon. Couldn't believe how many had turned up to sing and play with the orchestra. Could have done with a full day and a full concert at the end. In other words one event.I would also have loved to have done a solo had the opportunity come up. I adore large scale works and have fallen in love with the Sanctus from the mass to St Cecilia by Charles Gounod.

Trish Sedman
What a great experience, I really enjoyed singing with the orchestra. Wish we had had more time. Please repeat this event again next year, it would be great.

Gill Doodson
What a wonderful afternoon. I admit to being a little nervous as I tried a few long tones at home, however soon I realised that most of the people I met had felt the same before they arrived. At least my flute wasn't rusty, only my playing! It was such an exciting experince to play alongside the BBC Philharmonic. (real musicians). Thanks to Mark for his expert, on the spot transposition in the woodwind group.

Ashley Marsh
I came with my dad as an observer and ended up playing in the percussion section. What a great time I had especially as I had travelled from Blackpool. Thank you for leting me join at the last minute. I can now proudly use the bag" I played with the BBC Philharmonic Orchestra."

anni bartle
my daughter 'summer' and I attended the Leeds event, and played bongos in percussion. We have zero music ability, but found the whole experience fantastic. When the orchestra came together at the end, it was great to be a part of it. Thanks for a fun day......

Kathryn Hill
It was absolutly fantastic getting to work with thew professionals on a one to one basis!!Good training for my hopefully future career!Thanks very much for the oppretunity.

Hilary Curwen
It was a truly wonderful afternoon!! Despite being nervous the night before that my scales weren t up to scratch, it was great fun and when all playing together, an exhilerating and emotional experience to be part of that great sound. I haven't stopped humming Gates of Kiev since then! Thank you BBC -Come back to Leeds again and please can it be a whole day if you do it again?

David King
A very enjoyable evening (percussion and singing group)Many thanks to eveyone involvedDavid and Yvonne King

Steve Clibbens
what a brilliant afternoon, thanks very much to Tim, his shirt, Barry and the rest of the BBC staff for making it a very good afternoon. i can still play the gate groove if anyone needs it!

Jennie Wall
Fantastic opportunity. Thoroughly enjoyed it. Unique opportunity to play with the BBC phil and singers. Thankyou so much. Can we do it again next year?!!

Lizz, Chris, Ellie and Jacob
What a fantastic evening! We were so privileged and delighted to have the opportunity to perform with the BBC Orchestra and BBC singers. Tim, the conductor, was great fun; the energy and enthusiasm from everyone was totally infectious. My two children had a super time and have been really buzzing with it since. Jacob and his Dad played percussion their eager faces grinning all evening. Chris says he loved making lots of noise! I had a great time in the choral section, a huge thanks to everyone. You should do lots more of these events.It was an amazing experience and I would certainly do it again. When you perform it is really exhilarating and exiting. Definately worth the journey! (Ellie, 11)It was really good, I had really good fun and I would LOVE to do it all again. (Jacob, 8)

Catherine Griffiths
It was really, really exciting and a wonderful experience to take part in. Please do it again next year.

Ann Underwood
A privilage to be playing a part with such excellent musicians. Hopeing to rejoin our localChoral Society, I and I know many others feel encouraged to continue to make music. A wonderful and enjoiyable experience. Thank You.

Sharon, Glenn and Grace
What a fantastic day!!! A real family event! The organisation was excellent, the philarmonic orchestra inspiring, the guest musicians were so friendly. We have only played our instruments for a short time and I was a little concerned that we would be out of place but I was wrong - we fitted in beautifully with some very experienced and talented musicians - this has encouraged us to look for more musical events (although I doubt we can beat this wonderful day at Leeds!!) and has inspired us to continue with our musical education! It would be great to have such an event in Sheffield! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR A BRILLIANT EXPERIENCE!

Ted Beverley
Due to the weather the BBC Phliharmonic Orchestra arrived a little late but the time was put to good use by the leader who conducted warm up excercises for voices and Limbs. The rehearsal was well planned for the mixed standard of players which ranged from almost raw beginers to the very competent. I play Bass Clarinet and being the only one there I was priviledged to have one to one assistance from the Orchestras Bass Clarinetist Collin Pownall. This was extremely helpful in improoving both my technique and confidence in my playing. Theoppertunity to play with the BBB Philharmonic Orchestra was something not to be missed and the day was hugely enjoyable.

Gary Dewson
I attended the Play It Again event at Leeds Town Hall and thought it was a brilliant day . At first it was a bit daunting when I first walked in looking around every one looked so professional ! I was under a bit of pressure as I was classed as the others playing a guitar rather than an orchestrial instument ! We eventually moved through to the Hall and was soon relaxed by Andrew Parker and his workout , then the orchestra come in and played the piece and was brilliant ! Then we learnt our pieces and then being a part of the orchestra and performing with them was amazing and moving ! Thanks to andrew Parker and everyone involved in the day ! Its left me feeling I would love to be more involved in music and to practice more !! Thanks

Peter Marsh
What a fantastic experience would love to do it again. Met some really interesting people. Has spurred me on to do even more practice on my Saxophone.

melissa hair
It was alot of fun it was a great experience and would gladly participate again

Laurie Horam
Thoroughly enjoyable, satisfying., moving and exhausting. I hadnt sung since being thrown out of school music classes over 50 years ago.Everyone was so encouraging and positive. I learned that I could sing.The organisation was brilliant and BBC personnel were amazing in their ability to pull everything together in such a short time.Isnt it a shame that children are given negative messages that may stay with them all their lives. Thank you to everyone for changing CAN'T DO into CAN DO. Next stop ....join a choir ????

Kate Ross
I have just returned from a most inspirational Playitagain event held in Leeds Town Hall. Hearing the orchestra’s sound reverberate around the building made your spine tingle. So much better than just listening to a CD! The event was SO MUCH FUN! All the leaders kept the tone light yet challenging. I was in the choir and we learned many parts quickly and efficiently. The lady taught us expertly even if you couldn’t read music.Singing with the whole orchestra was a real blast. The event was so well organised – no expense spared, I shall wear my bag with pride and look out for any further events. It has rekindled my desire to take part in a choir again. If anyone is thinking of taking part just do it! It’s well worth it! Thanks BBC.

Bill Bunton
An entertaining day's fun.Met lots of interesting folks and was most impressed by BBC singers' and musical director's enthusiasim.Only criticism was that had it finished a few minutes earlier I could have caught the last boat home!! "Singin' in the rain"

Despite the rain, cancelled trains, floods and the Orchestra stuck on the M62! nothing could dampen the enthusiasm in Leeds Town Hall. What an absolutely fantastic experience! one I will remember for years to come. The highlight was playing altogether in the concert hall under the direction of Tim. What an incredible feeling when everyone played and sang together, the atmosphere was fantastic! Thank you to all involved.

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