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How do you make your set at Glastonbury extra special? Bring on a legendary surprise guest of course! There have been many unexpected appearances in previous years, it seems that everyone wants to get onto a Glastonbury stage even if they're not officially on the bill, and who can blame them? Here are some of our favourite guest appearances.

1. Coldplay and Barry Gibb and Michael Eavis and Chris Martin's kids AND their cousins! (2016)

We hope Ed Sheeran is taking notes here because last year's headline act gave one of the most joyous closing sets in Glastonbury's history. Not only did the Coldplay gang light up the fields of Worthy Farm with wrist bands that illuminated during their set, an insurgence of special guests brought the festival to an exuberant end. Michael Eavis joined them for a rendition of My Way, Barry Gibb popped up for a little Bee Gees medley and Chris's kids and their cousins got up to help out with some backing vocals.

2. Patti Smith asks Glastonbury to sing happy birthday to the Dalai Lama, everyone obliges (2015)

Glastonbury moments don't come bigger than this - His Holiness, the 14th Dalai Lama of Tibet on the Pyramid Stage with the High Priestess of Punk, Patti Smith. Earlier in the day, the Dalai Lama had given a talk at the Stone Circle, but this was a chance to meet the full face of his adoring public, who sung happy 80th birthday to him. Scroll forward in the above clip to 3:30 for the beginning of his inspiring speech.

3. Mark Ronson - Uptown Funk throwdown with Mary J. Blige, Grandmaster Flash and George Clinton (2015)

Mary J. Blige was so overawed by the (deserved) reception she received in the rain on the Pyramid Stage earlier on Friday, she was close to tears. But she had plenty of energy left in the tank for Mark Ronson, who invited her to sing his monster smash, Uptown Funk (originally featuring Bruno Mars) on the Other Stage later that day. Better still, Ronson also brought out legendary hip hop DJ Grandmaster Flash and Dr Funkenstein himself, George Clinton, 24 hours before he went head-to-head with Kanye headlining the West Holts stage with his supergroup, The Mothership Returns.

4. Muse took it to The Edge (2010)

When U2 had to pull out of their 2010 headline performance due to Bono suffering a back injury, disappointed fans were in for an unexpected treat. The Edge took to the stage with Muse during their headline set on Sunday for a rendition of Where The Streets Have No Name.

5. Stevie Wonder and Michael Eavis birthday extravaganza (2010)

What better way to spend a momentous occasion than singing on stage, at your own festival with the legend that is Stevie Wonder? Well thats exactly what Michael Eavis did on Glastonbury's 40th birthday and what a wonderful celebration it was.

Artists we would love to see share the stage at Glastonbury 2017

Sweet dreams are made of this
Sweet dreams are made of this

Just imagine if Stormzy stuck around to join Ed Sheeran on the Pyramid stage or if the Foo Fighters did a duet with Florence Welch in homage to the year she stood in for them. Will Boy Better Know have Too Many Man guests to actually fit on the stage? Might Barry Gibb invite Coldplay to keep him company? The possibilities are endless! Who would your dream special guest be?

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