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The rules to Pointless are simple, but based on a fiendish premise. To prepare their questions, they run a survey giving 100 people 100 seconds to name as many items from a list as they can.

Hosts Alexander Armstrong and Richard Osman ask the contestants on the show to try and guess which are the most forgettable items from that same list - anything from No.1 singles of 2001 to the greatest hits of The Beatles. Their answers have to be correct, but crucially they also need to have been guessed by as few of the survey group as possible for the contestants to do well. They're aiming for a 'Pointless' answer - one that was not said by any of the 100 people.

In this quiz, which is entirely based on the music questions from the show, some of the work has already been done, in that all the answers are correct. What you have to do is spot the most obscure answer; the Pointless answer.

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