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Because there isn't a moment, ever, when watching breathtaking dancing to an exquisite pop song won't instantly lift your mood.

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1. Shalamar's Jeffrey Daniel does the first Moonwalk on British TV

Some people reckon you can trace the moonwalk back to 1932 and a move that jazz singer Cab Calloway used to perform called the buzz. Michael Jackson made it famous in 1983 when he performed it during the Motown 25 TV special in the US, but we saw it here before that - when Jeffrey Daniel from US disco/RnB group Shalamar stunned British audiences with the slide on Top of the Pops in 1982. Even better, at the end of the song, he got one of the other dancers with the group to handcuff him and drag him back into a moonwalk across the dancefloor. What an absolute hero. Daniel would go on to co-choreograph Jacko's Bad and Smooth Criminal videos with Michael.

2. B Girl Terra, 6, breakdances in Jungle's Platoon music vid

Simply the cutest thing ever: London neo-soul group Jungle employed the more-than-considerable talents of six-year-old breakdancing sensation B Girl Terra in the video for their 2013 debut single, Platoon. Two years later, the group brought Terra on at Glastonbury...

3. Icky and Silence rollerskate their way through another Jungle video, The Heat

The two mainstays of Jungle, Tom McFarland and Josh Lloyd-Watson, would be the first to admit that they're not the most charismatic performers, nor do they much like being the centre of attention. So, they repeated the formula of self-directing incredible, hired dancers in the videos following Platoon - firstly, with a divine dance-off between two elder gentlemen in Time, then by going full posse in Busy Earnin', before introducing the world to Icky and Silence from the High Rollaz UK skate crew. Drop everything and hit play if you've never seen this superb video before.

4. Christine and the Queens on Later... in April, 2016

Glastonbury got a delectable dose of French singer-songwriter Héloïse Letissier and her Queens in June, but we first saw their perfect blend of pop and contemporary dance on TV during Later... with Jools Holland in April when they performed hot single Tilted. Even better, this clip finishes with a joyous tribute to Prince in the form of a throwdown to Chaka Khan's version of I Feel For You. And we witnessed that wonder again at Worthy Farm:

5. The xx's Islands video, 2010

Also from the drawer of arty, supremely well-choreographed dancing to a top-notch indie pop song, it's The xx's video for their 2010 single, Islands.

6. Future Islands' Samuel T. Herring's unique, post-ironic dad-dancing brilliance

"Oh buddy, come on!" exclaimed a delighted David Letterman after Baltimore synth-rock group Future Islands seized their moment making their TV debut in the US. The clip went ballistic (many claimed in the comments that they watched it over and over and over again, transfixed) and completely transformed the fortunes of a great band who had been slogging it out on the road for years.

Soon after, frontman Samuel T. Herring brought his distinctive, chest-beating, I-dance-like-no-one's-watching moves (and death metal growl) to Jools, breaking the group in the UK. By Glastonbury 2015, the man had gone full indie can-can:

7. Christopher Walken in a hotel lobby, directed by Spike Jonze

The song sound may sound dated in 2016, but the video is timeless. Back in 2001, we knew Christopher Walken as an actor capable of playing deliciously evil/deranged characters in films like True Romance and Batman Returns. Under the guidance of perhaps the best music video director of all time, Spike Jonze (who had already struck gold with Fatboy Slim in 1999 with the Praise You promo), he became an all-dancing, all-flying superhero shaking his tail feather in a fancy hotel lobby. Deservedly, the video won multiple awards at the 2001 MTV Video Music Awards and the 2002 Grammy Award for Best Music Video.

8. Janelle Monáe dances a Tightrope, 2010

Atlanta's Janelle Monáe combined the mood of experimental 1943 short film Meshes of the Afternoon with Memphis gangsta walking and crisp tuxedos in the classy, eye-poppingly good video for debut single, Tightrope.

9. The bloke in the tank top in Madness's One Step Beyond video

There's much to love in the video for Madness's 1979 cover of Prince Buster's One Step Beyond, including watching the group do a ska conga line down a north London street (1:22) and out of a barber's shop (1:58). The fella in the overcoat in front of the phone boxes at 1:00 is pretty amazing too, but the real star of the show is the bloke in a tank top doing a very English skank at 2:30.

10. Harry Barnes, BBC Young Dancer 2015 winner in the hip hop category

Finally, an invitation to explore the plethora of clips of incredible dancing in many different disciplines posted during the BBC's Young Dancer 2015 competition. Here's Harry Barnes's second solo for the hip hop final. Fancy entering the 2017 contest? You've got till 2 October to enter.

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