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Footballers and music don't always go well together, but there are plenty of serious music buffs in the beautiful game who have used songs to gee themselves up, or to help wind down after a stressful game.

Rio Ferdinand had his own record label, Gary Neville has appeared onstage with The Charlatans, Daniel Sturridge likes to rap battle, and Leighton Baines is close friends with mod mucker Miles Kane.

So what are the England team currently putting on their headphones? Let's find out. But, first of all, a message from Drizzy:

1. Harry Kane

Very much the hero of the hour, Harry Kane likes to psych himself up before matches with a righteous blast of The Prodigy's Firestarter. In a recent promotional film, he said: "It's a great motivational song. For me, Firestarter means it's time to be ready. As soon as I hear it I know it's game time. It's time to get in the zone - and be ready to give the best performance."

Harry also revealed he's partial to a more recent dance hit, when, after his sterling hat trick during England's 6-1 victory over Panama, he was asked to pick one song to sum up the experience for a Brazilian radio programme. He said, "I'll go One Kiss by Calvin Harris and Dua Lipa," a response that clearly delighted Calvin himself (see above).

2. Jesse Lingard

As we can see from this clip, Jessie's goal celebrations reveal a deep love of dance moves, so it's no surprise he's a beat disciple, being a particular fan of Drake. When asked if he prefers UK grime to US hip hop, he plumped for the former, saying, "I listen to both, but more grime before matches to get you kind of pumped up. But then I might switch to the US hip hop to just vibe out."

And in the same interview, asked to name a song he can recite from start to finish, he chose Drake's Dreams Money Can Buy: "That was one of the first songs I fell in love with when I was younger. I listened to it from, like, when I was 14."

3. Kieran Trippier

You might expect a player with a surname like Kieran's to favour psychedelia or ambient house music, but his music tastes are fairly straightforward pop. He likes Jess Glynne - particularly Right Here - and Ed Sheeran's Runaway, and he was a particular fan of the beatific dance groove of Benediction by Hot Natured featuring Ali Love.

But the artist that gets his seal of approval in the changing room is a perennial footballer's favourite, as Kieran told the Guardian: "Personally, I like to listen to anything by Drake - something like Hold On, We're Going Home or Take Care."

4. John Stones

Sports stars love their music to gee them up, to get them into the zone, and John Stones is no exception. An old school hip hop and RnB fan, he'll blast Jurassic 5 next to Montell Jordan's immortal This is How We Do It before a match, or the Stevie Wonder-sampling Livin' It Up by Ja Rule.

But he's fairly laid back when it comes to other people's musical tastes, as he told the Guardian in 2014: "Whenever I've been away with England, the Arsenal lads usually put tunes on from Soundcloud. Not everyone's happy about it, but it doesn't bother me. The only time I used to see those players was when I was playing Fifa on my Xbox and now I'm playing alongside them, so I just try and concentrate on my football."

5. Raheem Sterling

Raheem is well known to be a huge music fan, particularly grime, and even added a Carpool Karaoke-style video to his YouTube channel in which he's educated in some of the genre's rarer tracks by YouTuber KSI. And a couple of years ago, in payment of a forfeit to his England squad mates, he had to serenade them with a song.

He told Complex he's always open to finding new tunes, from the most unexpected of sources: "There's some players that you would never think even listen to grime - I was so shocked. Joe Hart is one, he's shown me most of Stormzy's songs - stuff I'd never knew before, he brought me in on them. Joe's been a massive surprise for me."

"I really like Nines," he continued, "he's definitely someone I like listening to. Grime's always been there for me. Some of the music has changed a little bit, the mentality isn't to just be as loud as you can be anymore…it's really come together."

6. Dele Alli

Dele is one of England's style leaders, and that means the right clothes and the right haircut and the right shoes, but also the right soundtrack. He's another huge Drake fan, and has a lot of time for grime too. Asked by Hypebeast last year what he's been caning in the dressing room he replied: "I've probably played Future’s Hndrxx and the new Drake album to death. The UK grime and rap scene is getting bigger too - it's been around for a long time but they’re starting to mix it with the Americans and that's good for the country."

He also revealed who the other big music heads are in English football, confirming Raheem's claims about Joe Hart: "Raheem Sterling and Alex Oxlade-Chamberlain are into their music and know what they're doing. And actually Joe Hart is probably an unexpected one, too - he's been trying to keep up with us when it comes to music and he's getting better!"

7. Jordan Henderson

Jordan is another of the England squad who worship Drake, even going so far as to insist that his Liverpool teammates leave the dressing room with God's Plan ringing in their ears. In fact, he's responsible for compiling his team's pre-game playlist, taking on board their individual tastes but ending on a real high.

Liverpool keeper Simon Mignolet told the Echo: "Hendo is in charge of the music. I don't get involved but it's a real mix. Alberto [Moreno] has his Spanish songs and Roberto [Firmino] has a couple in Portuguese. We have a certain playlist for just before a game. It's always the same sequence. The last song that gets played before we step out on to the pitch is God's Plan. Then it's down to business."

8. Jordan Pickford

Jordan loves to use his social media feeds to big up songs he's particularly fond of, and his taste is very broad. He likes Ed Sheeran and John Legend, he likes Weekend by Teka B and Let Her Go by Passenger, and he's not afraid to tell anyone. Other songs picked by Picky include Tea and Toast by Lucy Spraggan and Of the Night by Bastille.

And in 2012, when he was called upon to serenade his team-mates with a song after dinner, he picked Not Nineteen Forever by The Courteeners. A safe choice for a safe pair of hands.

9. Jamie Vardy

Jamie Vardy is very much his own man. The Leicester City striker - about whom people like to sing songs about parties and him being on fire - does not use his social media feeds to wax lyrical about his favourite rappers, although he did have Tinchy Stryder performing at his wedding (Hello! described him as being Jamie's "favourite act").

He is good friends with former One Direction star Louis Tomlinson, who's no slouch with the football himself. But he got another boybander - - Westlife's Shane Filan - to provide the non-rapped musical support on his big day, right under Louis's nose. Mind you, when asked by Squawka what his karaoke tune of choice would be, he replied: "Westlife, Flying Without Wings."

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