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Fame is a fickle mistress. One day you're the owner and operator of one of the most recognisable faces in the world, the next you're reduced to bellowing "don't you know who I am?" in order to get into your own nephew's christening. And pop fame is even more fleeting. So, here's a test.

On this page there are 10 photos, showing recent images of men who, in their prime, were boyband pop stars. Some still are, or have gone back for another go. But while most of the gents in this parade still maintain their youthful good looks, their names may have faded from public memory - just like the names of some of their hit singles - and others simply don't look quite the way they used to.

Hardcore pop fans of a certain vintage should have no trouble identifying almost everyone, but can you get them all? The answers are available at the bottom of the page.

Mystery Popstar 1

Who's this dapper gent?

Mystery Popstar 2

And where have we seen this fresh-faced young pup before?

Mystery Popstar 3

How about this fellow? The hair may be different but surely those eyes are unmistakable...

Mystery Popstar 4

Don't former boybanders dress well? This photo was taken at a football match. But who is it?

Mystery Popstar 5

This guy is an occasional actor now, but who was he before?

Mystery Popstar 6

Another nicely-turned-out former chart-botherer here. Remember that face?

Mystery Popstar 7

Here's a former boyband legend (on the left) snuggling up with Eddie Brett from the 2012 Britain's Got Talent finalists Loveable Rogues. But which band of similarly loveable rogues was he in?

Mystery Popstar 8

Guys, this dude is, like, WAY famous. But can you name him?

Mystery Popstar 9

He might be doodling a sports car here, but once upon a time that drawing board held plans for world domination. With which band though?

Mystery Popstar 10

And finally, he may resemble the lovechild of Ant and Dec now, but who is this fine fellow?

Find out all the answers here

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