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These 6 BBC Music broadcasts will give you quite a fright this Halloween

All the best music shows to listen to - under the covers, if need be

1. Paperback Writers, Stephen King

We'll ease you in gently, because this isn't scary at all - but it is fascinating. As part of the 6 Music series that sees celebrated writers play and discuss their favourite songs, horror author Stephen King delivers an hour of all-out rock 'n' roll and - perhaps surprisingly - a splash of disco. "I got into a lot of arguments in the 70s with rock purists, who absolutely hated disco," he says. "And I was always kinda like, 'What's wrong with disco? It's dance music!"

2. Friday Night Is Music Night, Scary Fairy

In a special Friday Night Is Music Night broadcast at 8pm on 30 October, Craig Charles - presenter of the Funk and Soul Show on 6 Music - has teamed up with the BBC Philharmonic to create Scary Fairy, a poem set to music. Craig’s poem is a retelling of the famous fairytale Little Red Riding Hood - with added blood and guts for good measure. He used to read it to his children at bedtime and has relished making it darker as they have grown up.

3. Iggy Pop: Halloween Confidential with John Waters

What a meeting of great minds and characters this is. As a one-off, Iggy has invited the legendary American filmmaker - director of such cult classics as Mondo Trasho, Pink Flamingos and Hairspray - onto his 6 Music show at 7pm on 30 October. Taking it in turns to share their favourite Halloween-esque tracks, the gruesome twosome, who met when Iggy starred in John's 1990 film Cry Baby, treat us to such nuggets as The Monster Mash, Moanin' At Midnight and Moulty.

4. Target sits in for MistaJam: Spooky guest mix

Well, who else did you expect to drop a guest mix on Halloween? DJ Target is sitting in for MistaJam and he's invited grime legend Spooky back into the studio to seamlessly weave together some nightmarish beats to suit the occasion. Expect - from 7pm on 31 October and on demand after - ample tracks from the Spartan producer's appropriately named label, Ghost House Records.

5. Sounds of the 80s Halloween special

Perhaps the song most associated with Halloween is Michael Jackson's Thriller from 1982 and its legendary 14-minute video, which even Newsnight's Kirsty Wark spoofed on Halloween in 2013. You can be pretty sure Sara Cox will be playing it during her Radio 2 Sounds of the 80s Halloween special, which begins at 9pm. Sara's promised a "spooktacular array" of music for her two-hour show.

6. Stuart Maconie's Freakier Zone

On October 24, Stuart interviewed Saint Etienne's Bob Stanley about a new compilation called Songs for Swinging Ghosts he's releasing on his Croydon Municipal label. No doubt Stuart's earmarked a couple of the tracks for this Halloween-themed episode of Freakier Zone, broadcast from midnight on 6 Music to ensure that you'll begin November with a serious case of the heebie-jeebies. Don't say we didn't warn you.

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