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Bow wow wow - Snoop Dogg's back in town for Radio 1's Big Weekend in Norwich. When the gangsta rapper pops into the BBC, great things happen. Let's reminisce about Uncle Snoop at Auntie Beeb...

1. Back to the old school

It's 1994: Snoop's debut, Doggystyle, came out the previous November, he's about the most famous rapper on earth and hip hop in general is on fire. Here's a two-minute mashup of tracks from 1994 by Jaguar Skills, taken from his hour-long 2012 History of Hip Hop mix.

2. Snoop reads the news

Find out what was happening with the British railway system in 2012 by having Snoop Dogg read you a news trailer - on, of course, The Big Dawg Tim Westwood's show.

3. Snoop meets Scott

In which Snoop talks about his friendships with Charlie Sheen and David Beckham, and reveals that his family sells off his clothes in garage sales when he's on tour.

4. Snoop on the Graham Norton Show

Riding high in the charts with the David Guetta remix of Sweat, Snoop lands on Graham's sofa with Elle Macpherson and Cuba Gooding Jr. to tell all about its less salubrious original version, Wet.

5. In 3 Records

Snoop's always been "busting out on some serious funk", as the Rick James song says, which is why it's one of his three picks for Benji B in 2013, along with the Clark Sisters' You Bought The Sunshine and Hollywood Squares by Bootsy Collins.

6. Top 40 Story

Snoop may have only produced one truly classic album - Doggystyle - but he's always had hit singles. Created to celebrate his Big Weekend performance, this MistaJam mix will remind you of just how many. No wonder they call him the Doggfather.

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