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Musicians have to face a lot of interviewers, and sometimes that leads them to develop certain tricks when it comes to dealing with too many daft questions. Some become a bit surly, some tell tall tales, and some clam up entirely.

But no matter how famous they are, few pop stars can resist putting on a bit of a show when faced with a small child (sometimes two). This is every bit as true for super-cool indie rockers as it is for pop royalty; nothing lowers the guard quite like an eager young face next to a microphone.

But are they wise to lower their defences? Let's see...

Victoria Beckham meets Little Ant & Dec

Arguably, this is where the trend for child interviewers began, with Little Ant & Dec, from ITV's Saturday Night Takeaway. They were well primed with questions that could put their subjects on the back foot from the start, especially when asking well-meaning stars about slightly risqué topics, while maintaining a very innocent look on their faces.

Here, Victoria Beckham gamely takes on their questions, and quickly finds herself having to explain where babies come from, to these two suspiciously angelic little tykes, while being filmed for a prime time TV audience.

Mind you, she must have enjoyed the experience, as she agreed to be interviewed by young girls for InStyle magazine last year, and even gave them a quick lesson in who the Spice Girls were, claiming: "We used to say 'girl power' all the time, because we thought that girls were better than boys."

Liam Gallagher meets a classful

For all that he has a reputation as a wayward hellraiser, Liam Gallagher's conversation with a whole room full of children sitting on beanbags contains everything that is great about him as a star - he's charisma personified, witty and a bit naughty, and gracious with each and every one of them. Of course, had he come in shouting and smashing things up, it's possible they'd have loved him even more.

And while the question, "How do you deal with your anger-management issues?" may suggest a little bit of prompting from some of the adults behind the scenes, "What's your favourite fart?" (and the fact that it provokes a full and honest answer) proves that you're never too young to get started in celebrity journalism.

Katy Perry meets Poppy

This is less of a confrontation and more of a meeting of minds. Katy Perry and her inquisitor Poppy spend a good deal of their time together discussing things they have in common: roller-skating, hula-hooping, and particularly singing Firework.

"What if you went to my show and it was just me on the stage, and that's it?" asks Katy in response to Poppy's question about her stage set and costumes. Poppy notes that this would not only be "awkward", it would be "like cake but with no yummy frosting, like a cherry on top". And then Katy tries to spark her imagination about the natural world by telling her worms turn into butterflies sometimes and Poppy shuts her down right away, because facts are important.

J. Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. meets Elliott

The title of this video - J Mascis of Dinosaur Jr. opens up like never before! - is a little misleading. The singer and guitarist is famously not the most forthcoming of interviewees and he maintains his normal taciturn demeanour throughout his meeting with Elliott, whose YouTube channel is called Little Punk People. He has interviewed a hugely impressive range of rockers - including Metallica, Anthrax, Descendents and The Misfits. Most of them, it is fair to say, make the effort to match his enthusiasm.

J, while having a game go at keeping the conversation alive, has clearly decided that what Elliott would most like is the classic deadpan Mascis interview treatment, answering most questions with the fewest possible words. "Are you aware how awesome you are?" asks Elliott, keenly, to which J replies, "No," like everyone's favourite grumpy alt-rock uncle.

Niall Horan meets Billy

If you've never seen how red Niall Horan can blush, be prepared for the moment about a minute into this interview, when his startlingly confident young interviewer Billy asks, "What's the most amount of birdies you've had in a week?"

It's among the first in a couple of loosely golf-themed questions, but from the dark shade of pink that steals across Niall's face you can tell he has other answers on his mind than anything pertaining to teeing off, and he can't really explain what they may be. Not on camera anyway.

Tulisa meets Emy

"Hi, I'm Emy and I'm famous on the internet," is a fine way to start an interview, in this case with with former N-Dubz and X Factor star Tulisa, who in 2012 was also very famous on the internet. And having explained that she has bought this time with her favourite pop star by reviewing "weird songs" for Noisey, Emy goes on to ask some probing questions, and gets surprisingly honest answers in return.

The future of N-Dubz is discussed, as is the phenomenon of pop stars who aren't really that good at singing, and Tulisa teaches Emy a new word, so it's basically a school day. The difference being, very few children leave school claiming to be mates with their teacher.

Wayne Coyne of The Flaming Lips meets Piper

A tip for aspiring music writers and Flaming Lips fans alike; this clip begins with perhaps the best question anyone has ever asked Wayne Coyne. The interviewer, Piper, asks what would happen if he had to write a fourth verse for his band's breakthrough hit She Don't Use Jelly, given that the first verse ends with the refrain "vaseline", the second substitutes the word "margarine" and the third goes with "tangerine". This is several leagues above "where do you get your crazy ideas from?"

Clearly Piper, from the YouTube channel KidsInterviewBands has a particular knack for probing questions that provoke thoughtful responses, while also being firmly rooted in whimsy, although you don't often see the journalists at Newsnight admitting to being terrified of pregnant goats.

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