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Naming a new band is a tricky task. How do you possibly cut through the noise of everyday life and really capture the attention of the public?

One of the best insights you can get into this dark art is by looking at the line up for South By Southwest festival. SXSW, as it’s often known, is one of the most important showcases for new music; a veritable smorgasbord of up-and-coming artists from around the world. And boy does it have its fair share of brilliant, bonkers and bizarre band names.

As much as SXSW is about music, it’s also strongly committed to new technology with a reputation as a hotbed for new ideas and creative gizmos. So that got us thinking: what if we trained artificial intelligence (AI) to analyse SXSW line-ups and create its own?

We teamed up with AI Weirdness to do just that (and as a bonus you can see all the names their neural network invented).

Question is: can you tell the real bands from the robot bands?

// BBC Music is returning to SXSW this year with 5 different showcases of new music. You can enjoy exclusive coverage on our SXSW site.

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