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Radio 1's Big Weekend is all about the music, right? WRONG! It’s clearly about the dancing. From Stormzy’s mosh pit moves to Katy Perry dancing with bedsheets; Christine and the Queens’ synchronised cool to Lana del Rey's sways - find a favourite below, and copy the best.

1. Katy Perry invents the bedsheet ghost dance!

If everyone isn’t copying Katy and dancing like this soon, something’s really wrong with the world!

2. Christine and the Queens’ pneumatic drill

Why do we get the feeling Christine walked past a building site recently?

This move makes you super strong.

3. Biffy Clyro’s guitar hop

Although it does look like he’s stepped on a nail and it really hurts.

4. Lana del Rey’s tree swaying in the wind

Do not try this in a storm.

5. Stormzy’s shake-a-leg

It's like Biffy Clyro's dance except more grime, so slightly cooler.

6. The Little Mix hair toss

You may think this is like anyone else's hair toss, but trust us - the Little Mix hair toss is 100 per cent better.

7. Lorde’s green trouser dance

Lorde’s trousers were so HUGE, they danced for her. Go and buy a pair now!

8. The Clean Bandit cheeky flick

It may look like we've saved the simplest move until last, but pictures can be deceptive. If you can do this, you're a better dancer than we are!

Want to *really* learn the moves? Then watch every set from Radio 1's Big Weekend again and again until you get them right. We can't wait to learn even more dances at next year's fest!

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