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Here's how Rod Stewart ruled the BBC Music Awards 2015

All the big moments from the headliner's day at Birmingham's Genting Arena

First, an announcement from last month...

...and also a something of a dress-code order!

Backstage, the young 'uns paid their respect to a master

Late, Olly from Years + Years noted on Twitter what he did at the BBC Music Awards:

stuf i did 2day
- said hi to rod stewart
- complimented harry styles trousers
- put glitter on my under eye lids
- didn't fall over

We managed to grab Rod for a quick portrait

Everything about this says: "I'm Rod Stewart, of course I'm going to close the show tonight in style."

Meet the choir!

Before he played, Rod gave an award to a "good north London girl"

...and you probably don't need to think too hard about who that was. Adele won Best British Artist (as well as Best Live Performance earlier in the night).

The venue was certainly excited to have Rod in the house

And then it was time for Rod to do his thing

He played two songs: Please, from his new album, Another County, and an old classic, Sailing.

Finally, the big question of the night...

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